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2017-01-11   Solar Energy Works: More Numbers ...
2017-01-04   Competition in the Energy Market
2016-05-05   Wind Turbine Performance Look-up Tables
2016-04-15   50/50 - Monty Hall
2016-04-18   A Difficult Talk
2015-11-30   Solar Vs. Wind Update
2015-10-01   Tesla vs. Water
2015-06-24   Can Medium Wind Compete With Solar PV?
2015-05-20   Does Electrodynamic Braking Work?
2015-05-06   Do Balloon Mounted Wind Turbines Work?
2015-04-29   Are Larger Wind Turbines Paid for Faster?
2015-04-17   Are Solar PV Farms Viable in Ireland?
2015-04-17   Is Germany In a Mess Because of Renewables?
2015-01-16   How Does a Wind Turbine Fall Down?

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