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Small Wind Turbines 2016


My presentations about an AI-inspired control system and, at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, about the future of small-scale wind energy are both online at the conference website. Thanks again to Kurt and the organisers at Technikum Wien.


I’m talking today about using an intelligent control system to reduce the number of parts needed to build a small wind turbine. There are many ideas in this space but I’ll talk about an old idea, electrodynamic braking (or short-circuiting the generator), and how it may be viable with a clever controller.

While working on similar systems in the past, it seemed that they could work – or at least not fail – when a human was in charge rather than a dumb control system. With new developments in AI-type systems, it seems like a good idea to see what’s possible. I’ll talk about ongoing efforts with Python and in the future, a Raspberry PI running a small machine. It’s an interesting space.

Tomorrow, I’ll give a talk about the future of small wind in the distributed world.

I’d like to thank Kurt and the organisers/sponsors of the Second Congress for their invitation and hospitality.

You can find the programme here.

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