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Solar Energy Works: More Numbers ...


Here are some more numbers that I put together about a year ago around solar energy in Ireland, following on from my 2015 post. The usual cautions apply. The conclusions were: (i) that it seems possible to build a solar plant selling wholesale electricity in Ireland though the margin is slim; (ii) it seems that there may be an immediate business opportunity for private use, i.e. offsetting grid power; (iii) if panel installed prices can be pushed down further, if a feed-in tariff is introduced or if power prices increase, a further opportunity opens up.

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Competition in the Energy Market


This is a sketch I made in my notebook back in Autumn - a recent, similar, situation reminded me of the apparent strategy followed by some oil producing nations in 2014: use your cash to put the competition out of business ...

I guess that you can stall change for a while when you have the money. Revolutions come - one way or another ...

Wind Turbine Performance Look-up Tables


At a talk I gave a few weeks back about new tools for the Irish wind map, much of the great discussion afterwards was about whether or not it’s a good idea to install a small wind turbine. Inspired by the interest, I’ve put together a small booklet with some performance look-up tables for a typical small machine, with the usual cautions. I’ll turn it into a web page sometime soon. You can download a PDF version of the booklet here:

Small Wind Turbine Energy and Payback Estimates

It works well on a single A4 sheet as an A5 booklet for printing.

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